Thursday, February 21, 2008

DROOL OVER MY INCREDIBLE DROP-SHADOW ABILITIES (and by drool I actually mean weep, hard. very hard.)

Well, if you promise not to give this the full view I think this can look good as an impressionistic rendition of my least satisfactory idea. Also :

a) CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME WHAT BLOGGER DID WITH MY COLORS ???? It was gold and periwinkle, not aqua and coral !!!
b) the forks will have name tags and facial expressions as if they were at an awkward family gathering. Actually, that's where they're supposed to be !

In any case, the work will be better when my scanner stops veto-ing my other sketches. Until then, please help me out by answering these questions :

1. Should the "Fork Family" be in a table setting rather than a living room setting ?
2. Complementary color scheme--yay or nay ?
3. Is there anything that could add to the clarity of the image ?

That's all. Stay tuned for the scanner hostages !

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